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 "Jim and Great West Inspection has inspected my last two houses before I purchased them. He is very honest, thorough and knowledgeable. He provides an extensive report at the end of the inspection. Last year, when he inspected the house we were purchasing, he found several problems that we had the seller address before we would finalize the purchase. Saved me a lot of headaches later!" Quote from Buyer Bob Bertelli 



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Over 16,000 delighted customers and 23 years counting!



Agents and Customers agree our Customer Service is the best in the business. With over thirty years of combined experience. Our report has been refined over the years to make it the most comprehensive and detailed inspection in the industry.





When choosing a home inspection company ask these questions.


 How long have they been doing home inspections full time?


Answer: Great West was founded in the early fall of 1995. 



 Who trained them, how did they receive their training?


Answer: Great West Inspectors go through monthly training and updates through INTER-NACHI and other Certification Programs. 



 Are they certified? If so how long have they been certified?


Answer:  Jim is a Certified Master Inspector with 23 years of experience, His other Inspectors are also INTER-NACHI Certified and training is ongoing with combined 30 years of experience.



 Do they carry E&O insurance and is it active?


Answer: Great West Inspection has E & O Insurance and re-news our policy annually. We have carried E&O insurance as part of our mission to better serve our customers for several years. 



 How many home inspections have they performed and written?


Answer: Great West Inspection performs on average 800 to over 1000 Inspections annually. 



 Can they give you at least five or more referrals from over the past ten years?


Answer:  Great West Inspection has several thousand past satisfied Customers and referrals.

We our proud to serve first time home buyers and long term investors. 



 Are they willing to meet you and go over the findings in detail?


Answer:  Great West Inspection Inspectors are always ready to meet with our Customers to go over the inspection findings. We realize that today customers are busy and can not always be there but can assure you that the inspection will cover every detail possible inside and outside the house. 



 Do they participate in the local Realtors

Association as an Affiliate?


Answer:  Great West Inspection is an Affiliate with the Merced Realty Association and we actively participate in Training new Real Estate Agents on the importance of home inspections. Jim has sat on the board of the Customer Health and Safety Committee for the MCAR.




We are the longest active Inspection Company in Merced County. Please call us if you have any questions, we also travel to the outlying counties of Madera, Stanislaus, Fresno, and Mariposa. Contact Rachel at 209-658-5066.




We Specialize in the following categories of Inspection:


Pre-sale Inspections


Pre-listing Inspections


Foreclosure Inspections


Short Sale Home Inspections


Home Inspections


Inspections Include:


Roofing  & Flashing Systems,  Chimney's,  Household Appliances,  Electrical Systems,  Plumbing Systems,  Structural Components (Foundation & Sub-flooring), Heating & Air Systems, Exterior Siding, Attic Components.





Service areas include Merced, Mariposa, Stanislaus, Fresno Counties. See our pricing page for more information and to schedule your inspection.






Serving the Central Valley Since 1995