Merced County Home & Termite Bundle $330.00

For any slab foundation house up to 2600  Square feet in Merced county (Price Includes Termite Fee).




Please contact Rachel for any credit card transactions at 209-658-5066 during normal business hours. Monday through Friday. 



Home Inspection Pricing for Merced County:


$305.00 for houses from 0001-2600 Square Feet Slab Foundation (with termite $330.00)



$366.00 for houses 2600-3500 Square Feet  (with termite $392.00)



$485.00 for houses 3501-4000 Square Feet  (with termite $545.00)



All Custom Homes on larger lots built under 3000 square feet in Merced County will be charged at the $366.00 level based on additional interior features ($392.00 with termite)



Termite Inspections can be added to all Home Inspections for an additional fee. Please call for pricing on houses over 4000 square feet. 



Special Note:

Please add $36.00 for any houses with a sub floor.  


Escrow fee applies to all inspection if billed through a Title Company. 



Fresno County Pricing

Home and Termite Bundle:

$392.00 House under 3000 Square Feet on a Slab or Raised Foundation.

$495.00 House from 3001 Square Feet to 4000 Square Feet Slab or

Raised Foundation


Call for pricing on houses over 4001 Square Feet.


Stanislaus & Madera Counties Pricing

Stanislaus, Madera Counties $360.00 Home Inspection up to 2600 Square Feet Slab Foundation

$380.00 with Termite bundled up to 2600 Square Feet.

Call for pricing on houses over 2601 Square Feet

All raised floor foundations please add $36.00


Mariposa County & Foothill Properties

Mariposa County $380.00 up to 2600 Square Feet

$480.00 with Termite bundled up to 2600 Square Feet

Call for pricing for houses over 2601 Square Feet

All raised floor foundations please add $36.00




Re-Inspection Fee




Repairs/Condition Re-check Inspection

This fee is charged for a return visit to check the property for repairs that were made by a contractor as a result of the first inspection performed. GWI Inspectors use the summary of the original report as a reference for repairs. This fee is for residential houses under 2000 square feet. Please call if you need a price quote for a larger property or apartment for a follow up inspection of repairs.

OR Utility Re-inspection Fee There is a $85.00 charge for re-inspecting property after the first inspection has been performed. This charge is applied when GWI Inspectors are asked to go back into a house for a second visit to do any additional testing or if the water, electrical, gas were not on during the first inspection visit.




Commercial Inspection Fees:



Duplex slab only. Owner or representing real estate agent must be present to gain entrance into the apartments, or house at the time of the inspection unless other arrangements have been made prior to the date of the inspection.

Payments must be received prior or during the inspection. Please ask our Inspector for payment options. Call for larger Projects for a quote.


Duplex Inspection

Rate $485.00 (Price does not include a Termite Inspection) Add $45.00 for Raised Foundation


Mobile Home

Rate $365.00