Great West Inspection & EMSL Labs Mold Brochure
This is an informative brochure on mold testing.
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Mold & Environmental Testing Merced, Madera & Stanislaus Counties
Our mold testing is backed by EMSL Labs. They are a national network of laboratories located at key cities and regions throughout the United States. This allows Great West to turn around the test result samples to you normally within 24 to 48 hours of collection on-site. Established in 1981, the company has expanded its analytical services and capabilities and now operates in more than thirty one cities.
Our screening includes:
Environmental Microbiology Laboratory Services
Non-cultural air samples
Air-O-Cell Collection (Indoor Air Sample)

Surface Samples: Identification of Fungal Structures via Direct Examination
(tape lift, bulk, swab, wipe)

Mold Testing Pricing

LEVEL ONE (Order Code M041)
Merced County $395.00
Madera, Stanislaus Counties $495.00
Additional Direct Samples are $50.00 per room.
Includes (3) Direct Exam Swab Samples or (3) Direct Tape Lift Samples.
3 air -o-cell samples. The Inspector will make determinations of which samples should be taken on-site. Additional Samples may be needed and additional fees may need to be charged. 

Samples are collected on-site and the screening results are sent directly to you by email within 24-48 hours of the collection period. All orders must be prepaid, order and payment instructions are listed below. All samples go directly to EMSL Labs for testing.
LEVEL TWO (Order Code M001)
Merced County $395.00
Madera, Stanislaus Counties $495.00
Additional Air Samples are $95.00 per room.
Includes the Level Two Exam. (3) Air Samples Total: (1) Exterior and (2) Interior Air Samples.
 Prices do not reflect shipping fees or 24 hour, 48 hour fees.
Level Three Deluxe Package
Combined Air and Direct Sample Price (Order #M041-M001)
Merced County $695.00
Madera, Stanislaus Counties $795.00
This would include 5 total samples (3 Air o cell) and (up to 3 Direct Contact swab or tape lift) Plus all COC and Lab fees. 
All samples are collected on-site and the test results are sent directly to you by email within 24-48 hours of the collection period. All orders must be prepaid, order and payment instructions are listed below.
Direct Exam Sampling Advantages: The direct exam can be done rapidly. Direct examination of a surface indicates all mold present in a given area. Direct sampling may reveal indoor reservoirs of spores that have not yet become airborne.

Advantages to Air sampling: It is very useful for testing the site, especially if fungal growth is not visible. Low chances of sample contamination. It is useful as a secondary tool to measure spores within the affected area or within the room of a interior space suspected of fungal growth. Note: All samples are controlled through a EMSL Chain of Custody Control (COC) directly to the Lab.

EMSL Lab Testing Product Price and Ordering Instructions
Online Payment Instructions. Please read carefully.
Please call 209-658-5066 or email prior to placing your online order. We will ask for the following information in order to schedule the on-site testing. The order and schedule process will not be started without prior contact and confirmation from you or prepayment unless otherwise arranged.

1. Your Name, Address, Telephone Number (Cell Phone), Email Address. If you call and get our voice mail system please talk slowly leaving your name and number and we will call you back.

2. The property address to be tested along with contact information regarding gaining entry. If possible give us detailed locations within the interior space to be tested. If you are working with a Real Estate Agent we will need all of their contact information.
Call us for updated pricing information and the various testing that can be performed. 
Certified In-Door Air Consultant
Inspector: Jim Metcalf
Call: 209-658-5066

Prices are structured for the current service areas (Merced, Madera and Stanislaus Counties) at this time.

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Questions to ask before you move forward.


Unfortunately, mold screening costs vary tremendously. Costs vary from company to company and mold screening costs vary based on where you live geographically. We recommend calling at least two (preferably more) mold testing companies to ask for a price quote and to the following questions:


  • What qualifications do you have to perform mold screening?
  • What certifications does your company have? What are the qualifications of your mold inspectors?
    (Note: Ask what the certification requirements for any certifications they have either as a company or the individuals who will be performing the work. There are many certifications with some requiring much more work than others. Some are probably quite simple and, unfortunately, do not connote qualification to perform a mold inspection. Further, some may require a lot of work, but are not related to nor do they touch on mold itself. Take a moment to look online to find out what's required for any certifications they list.)
  • How many mold screenings did the person who will inspect my property do in the last year? How long he/she been in this line of work?
  • What is your hourly rate?
  • What is your philosophy regarding mold sampling?
    (Tip: You're looking for conflicts of interest here. Does the mold inspector always recommend mold screening? Or are there situations where he/she says mold screening is not needed?)
  • What are the costs of each air and surface mold sample?
  • How many mold samples do you normally take?
  • Do you perform the mold sample analysis yourself? Do you perform mold remediation?
    (Tip: You're looking for conflicts of interest here. If they also perform remediation, they have a vested interest in finding mold to clean up.)
  • Do you receive any kickbacks, commissions, or referral fees for sending work to mold re-mediators?
  • Do you recommend a mold re-mediator? If so how long have they been in business and what are their qualifications?
  • How long has the mold lab been in business and what are the lab's qualifications?